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Sessions and Events



Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions bring together the entirety of the group to feature primary topics of discussion, as well as to broadcast the overall summit theme. These sessions feature multiple speakers and are multi-discipline in nature. They include performances of dance, music and short film clips.  

Keynote Speakers

Keynote addresses relate to the overall annual theme and act as a catalyst for engagement, thought and discussion. These addresses highlight the versatile work and paths of contemporary leaders and changemakers. They are conducted as a solo talk, an interview or a conversation between two individuals. These talks will be internally curated and will show-case the foremost knowledge leaders and thinkers. They are hosted during the plenary sessions.

Impact Sessions

Impact Sessions are presentations intended to engage, inspire and impact. These sessions celebrate the brightest minds and ideas of our contemporary world. These conversations are intended to provide case studies and examples of real-world solutions currently implemented to address the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Panel Discussions

Solo, Dual and Multiple Panel Discussions are discussions that typically feature one moderator and up to three additional topic experts who represent different perspectives and opinions. These showcase a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and opinions.

Speaker Salons

These informal discussions take the form of a more traditional Socratic method, in which a speaker leads an open discussion around a specific topic. 

Connections and Conversations

Hosted over breakfast and lunch, frameworks of topics are provided for participants to explore a diversity of topics for which their self-selected programming may not allow. This cross-section of personalities and interests leads to new connections and a greater understanding/comprehension of topics outside each participant’s purview/scope.

Film Screenings and Segments

Film screenings and segments are selected to support the annual theme. Film screenings and segments vary in length.



Signature Event

The cornerstone event is a farm-to-table celebration; a cornucopia of food, wine and conversation for all attendees. Additionally, the event provides an opportunity for local winemakers, chefs, sommeliers, and proprietors to highlight and share their craft and product. This event is the backbone of the “breaking bread” concept. A playful mix of music, entertainment and engagement.

Focus Dinners

Focus Dinners are intimate off-site events that are structured to foster more authentic connection between speakers and participants, alike. Site options include wineries, restaurants and other local venues. Each dinner has at least one speaker in attendance.

Networking and Lifestyle Events

Networking and Lifestyle events are interactive opportunities for participants to engage with one another in a relaxed and inviting environment. This includes physical activities, wine education, food demonstrations, outdoor endeavors, and other unique opportunities. 

Art & Interactive Spaces

Pop-up Art and Interactive Spaces are curated against the backdrop of the annual theme. They are intended to create both a visual and tangible manifestation of the event experience. These exhibits will be open throughout Abound.

Sunrise Activities

Sunrise Yoga, Runs and Meditation are morning events that allow participants to interact in a unique environment. Yoga and Meditation sessions are both open to beginners and advanced practitioners. Separately, morning run options of 5K and 10K, respectively, are offered. Run leaders are on-site for support.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception is a playful and fun introduction to Abound Napa Valley. This event encourages participants to immerse themselves in the Napa Valley experience from the moment of arrival.

Late Night Events

Engaging and inspiring, these late-evening events are a way to connect in a more free-form capacity

Closing Night Event

The Closing Night Event is the celebratory capstone of the summit. A mixture of food, wine and entertainment are paired with an evening that epitomizes the best of the Napa Valley.