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The Impact

The Abound community is grounded in conversation, dialogue and sharing. It is about aligning joy and purpose, connection and intent. And, more than anything, it is about impact. Impact on the individual and impact on the world.

The cornerstone of the Abound experience is the annual summit, where participants explore diverse and complicated challenges. Supported by the stewardship of professionals and experts, participants are encouraged to consider why these problems exist and, conversely, the characteristics of potential solutions. 

In this effort, the Abound community is focused on funding initiatives that dare to be different; initiatives that may not be guaranteed funding from traditional avenues because they are audacious, too outside-the-box, or non-conforming. The Abound model seeks to establish metrics that run counter to conventional models. Social impact investing can be messy and confusing. We recognize this. Our intent is to fill the void between concept and action.

True security is based on people’s welfare - on a thriving economy, on strong public health and education programmes, and on fundamental respect for our common humanity. Development, peace, disarmament, reconciliation and justice are not separate from security; they help to underpin it.
— Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General, United Nations

How it works

In the inaugural year, the process is simple. A select number of social innovators are invited to present their initiatives to the summit. These can be either start-up ventures or extensions of existing operations. Individually, they introduce a challenge and then share a detailed plan of how to address it. Participants then vote on the recipient of funds. The delivery of funds is accompanied by professional mentoring and a metric framework that will track and - ideally - enhance their outcomes. It's that simple. Sound ideas, with diligent follow-through, are rewarded.


What we want to see

To solve for impact, the focus is on outcome. The long-term goal is to support system-changing solutions. Simply checking boxes, counting cogs, and planning for output is not sufficient. Each successful proposal seeks to be a part of larger-scale change. Those pioneering this effort are influencers and change agents. As such, a successful solution must achieve the following:

  • Address an imposing challenge
  • Fulfill existing gaps in private, public and non-profit efforts
  • Be actionable and achievable
  • Implementation should be within a realistic time frame
  • Engage a diverse body of supporters
  • Scalable for future adopters
  • Embody leadership and vision
  • Sustainable impact and results

Additional information

Financial funding is determined based upon the annual theme and the challenges that a solution seeks to address. Awards are supported through the Abound fund with the generous engagement of partners, participants, and sponsors.

Recipients of the financial award are entrepreneurs by nature. Innovators. Risk takers. Doers. Creators. Think-outside-the-boxers. Age and pedigree do not constitute a winning proposal. Instead, the merit of the solution, combined with a proven track record, dictate a successful bid. Primary focus will be on late-stage investing, with consideration for exceptional seed capital proposals.